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Welcome to the AHRMA Northwest web site

This web site is a supplement to the main AHRMA web site, AHRMA OnLine. This site will expand on the AHRMA Vintage moto-cross & trials calendar for the Northwest region, (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Northern Nevada, and Mid to Northern California). Each event listed in the calendar sections features a link to an expanded information page. These pages will include contacts, directions/maps to the tracks, area lodging, and other information. This web site will also feature pictures of the people and the machines that make the AHRMA Northwest region great!

2014 AHRMA Cycle Gear
Northwest Regional VMX Series Points

(Points Thru Canby)

2014 Powroll / Redwood Engineering
Vintage Trials Series Points

(Tentative Final Points)

AHRMA NW Award Banquet, January 24, 6:00-11:00 PM
The Dante Club, 2330 Fair Oaks Boulevard, Sacramento, CA

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On the left Ross Roberts with golf pro Bobcat Underbrush at the 2012 Chehalis national

Update:  Ross Roberts was moved to a nursing facility on 10/3/2014. This is good news! He will be there for a few weeks and then be finally able to go home. If you are in the area please continue to visit Ross at this facility, the visits have helped him greatly.  He is here:

Kindred Hospital Seattle First Hill
Room 207
1334 Terry Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98101

The AHRMA NW Grading Committee

Please see 11.3 in the AHRMA handbook for a concise explanation of the grading system. Every region has a grading committee. I am familiar with the NW Grading Committee, so I can speak only of it. There are 13 members of the NW Grading Committee. No decision is made by any one member of the committee. Three or more members are involved in every decision.

If a rider believes he/she should be competing at a different ability level, they can request to be observed at sign up at any region or national VMX. Two or more people will observe that rider.

If a member has a request to be considered for a change in ability level, they must contact a member of the NW Grading Committee. Do NOT make the request to Cindy Cowell, our membership chairman.

Below a listing of the NW Grading members. Feel free to contact anyone on the committee, they will make your issues known to the other members of the committee.

Kay Mann John Gulliford Tom Bentley Debbie Poole Rob Poole
Kelly Shane Chuck Bullwinkle Randy Hall Ed Parsons Al Wenzel
Bill Rianda Pat Riley Dave Mykelbust      

If anyone would like to be on the grading committee, please contact Kay Mann, chairman, @775-721-5325 or email

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its form and content, was originally proposed by Mike Lightfoot in 1997. *The opinions voiced on this web page are the opinions of the web builder, and are not necessarily the opinions of "AHRMA".  Send comments, suggestions, updates, corrections, information, or JPEG's to: reese "dot" dengler "at" comcast "dot" net

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