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Welcome to the AHRMA Northwest web site

This web site is a supplement to the main AHRMA web site, AHRMA OnLine. This site will expand on the AHRMA Vintage moto-cross & trials calendar for the Northwest region, (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Northern Nevada, and Mid to Northern California). Each event listed in the calendar sections features a link to an expanded information page. These pages will include contacts, directions/maps to the tracks, area lodging, and other information. This web site will also feature pictures of the people and the machines that make the AHRMA Northwest region great!

Updates Of Note:
8-22-2014 / A Few More Big K Pics / Images Page
9-4-2014 / The Early Sportsman Class Movement History & Commentary / ES History Page
9-15-2014 / Rattler's Run Trial Results & Current Points / Calendar Page
9-18-2014 / Small Trickle Of Rattlers Run Pics Starting / Images Page
9-18-2014 / NW Motocross Points After Rattlers Run / Calendar Page
9-25-2014 / A Few More Rattlers Run Pics / Images Page

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Our northwest vintage motocross buddy Ross Roberts is continuing his recovery at the UW Medical Center in Seattle. He is now out of the ICU.  We all wish him the best. If you are in the area I know he would enjoy a visit. For people visiting Ross when they go through the main entrance of the UW Medical Center they should take a left turn past the reception desk and head to the Cascade Elevators. Go to the 4th floor. He is currently in room 4202. Check in at the nursing station before  you enter the room. The Triangle Parking Garage is relatively convenient and close to the main entrance. You can call the nursing station at 206-598-4422.

Rattlers Run National Awards, (what’s going on)

Rattlers Run will be mailing out award plaques to the participants of their recent AHRMA National. These will take the place of the originally planned awards which due to unforeseen circumstances did not show up in time.

Next event of the AHRMA Northwest Season

AHRMA Northwest Vintage Cross Country
Powroll/Redwood Engineering Trials Series
Cycle Gear NW Regional Series

The Robert W. Bushey Memorial
Vintage MX, Trials and Cross Country Rodeo
The Bushey Ranch, Canby, California
October 4th - 5th, 2014

The Bushey Ranch Cross Country Is On

August NW Region Coordinator Report
(From the August 2014 Vintage Views)

Sadly, we offer our condolences to Sylvia Bickers. Dave Bickers will be missed by his many friends. The motorcycle world is less bright with his passing. We admire the 55 year friendships, camaraderie and competition enjoyed by Dave, Jeff and the other competitors from that golden era of motocross.

We will also miss the smiling face and friendship of John Ford. Anyone who raced against John will appreciate his racing ability and sportsmanship. Many years ago, a group of Yanks traveled to the British Bike Bonanza. John and Pete Ford were part of that contingency. The weather was “quite British” and the track became very muddy. Mud lovers, John and Pete were the stars of the meet. They outshone all the Yank riders and made a big impression on all the competitors. Their muddy smiles were a joy to behold.

It will soon be August. The Cycle Gear NW Region events have been very successful. We are looking forward to the events that are on the fast approaching horizon.

As you receive this issue of VV, Big K Guest Ranch weekend (Aug. 9 &10) is just around the corner. Last year, the trial and VMX were excellent and we are sure Cliff and Venice Mee will produce another winner. Hope to see many of you there.

Rattler’s Run, (September 13th & 14th), and Hollister Hills SVRA, (October 18th & 19th), are both Cycle Gear NW Region and NW Maico/CZ sponsored National weekends. Speed and Sport National trials will be run on Sat. at both of these events. Support classes for the Early Sportsman Stock (ESS) bikes are being offered at both events. It will be necessary to sign up as a post entry for the ESS classes, but pre entry prices will apply.

Famous Glen Helen Raceway hosts AHRMA VMX and PVMX Nationals on the weekend of Sept. 6 & 7. Well worth the drive to San Bernadino for this event.

Please pre-enter these nationals. The amount of trophies, ordered by the promoters, is derived from the pre-entry numbers. It also makes it much easier for the promoters and volunteers during the weekend.

Cycle Gear regional event, the Robert Bushey Memorial Weekend is Oct. 4 & 5. We can’t think of a better place to spend an autumn weekend, riding trials and motocross racing on a grass track at the beautiful Bushey Ranch near Canby CA.

See you at the races.

Ed Parsons and Dick Mann

The AHRMA NW Grading Committee

Please see 11.3 in the AHRMA handbook for a concise explanation of the grading system. Every region has a grading committee. I am familiar with the NW Grading Committee, so I can speak only of it. There are 13 members of the NW Grading Committee. No decision is made by any one member of the committee. Three or more members are involved in every decision.

If a rider believes he/she should be competing at a different ability level, they can request to be observed at sign up at any region or national VMX. Two or more people will observe that rider.

If a member has a request to be considered for a change in ability level, they must contact a member of the NW Grading Committee. Do NOT make the request to Cindy Cowell, our membership chairman.

Below a listing of the NW Grading members. Feel free to contact anyone on the committee, they will make your issues known to the other members of the committee.

Kay Mann John Gulliford Tom Bentley Debbie Poole Rob Poole
Kelly Shane Chuck Bullwinkle Randy Hall Ed Parsons Al Wenzel
Bill Rianda Pat Riley Dave Mykelbust      

If anyone would like to be on the grading committee, please contact Kay Mann, chairman, @775-721-5325 or email

YES, Early Sportsman classes will continue to be run in 2014 for AHRMA NW Regionals Only, (and the Rattler's Run & Hollister Nationals as a Support Class), using the class structure below originally derived by Tom Bentley & Robert Borg in 2006, (with the AHRMA Board's blessing in 2005), with further refinements after feedback and input from racers as originally specified.

ess.jpg (147583 bytes)

The following is a breakdown of the July 2014 AHRMA Trustee voting on the "Early Sportsman Stock" Vintage Motocross Class Proposal.  Virtually all of the points in the mechanical/cosmetic section have been rewritten, some original intent remains; however the red underlines indicate the major changes from the originally submitted ESS class rules the last three years, and what we have been using at Northwest Regional's the last 7 years.  For comparison of what was originally submitted to AHRMA in 2012, 2013, and 2014 see the 2012 ESS Proposal Document.  Please send your input on the Early Sportsman Stock proposal and the changes they have made to the class structure to your AHRMA Trustees before the October AHRMA Board meeting.  Thank you.

ESS_July_2014.jpg (320833 bytes)

Please see the complete 2015 Rules Proposals Summary Document here and be sure to send your input to the your AHRMA Trustees, care of Dave Lamberth (AHRMA Executive Director) on any Rule Proposal that affects you or your racing before October 3rd, 2014.  Thank you.

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