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2013 AHRMA Northwest Event Images

Picture submissions are  welcome.  If you want to crop and resize large digital images before you email them that is welcome.  Email address is at bottom of front page. Thanks.

Is this a pain in tha ass?!?!

MSIE_GLITCH.jpg (152173 bytes)

Oasis Motocross,
Clearlake Oaks, California
Saturday March 30, 2013
AHRMA NW Trial & Motocross (GP Format)

Thanks to Ken Vanderhoof for the following pics

os2013_02.jpg (188462 bytes)
Tyrus Wilson & substantial shock bumpers

Trials Results

Greg Gilmore from Reno NV

Bill Rianda on his desert sled

834 Power Slide'n

Plastic Tanked CZ Battle

902 (Easy Rider)

Patrick Leonard, Mike Miller's son, on Mike's 250 Side Pipe

49? AJS Stormer

Young checkers in love

os2013_11.jpg (199749 bytes)
Cliff Woodall? and his CZ with Maico/Bultaco highlights

Santa Clara Riders Unlimited (SCRU)
Spring AHRMA NW Regional
April 20-21, 2013
Hollister Hills SVRA, Hollister CA

Thanks to Roger Marin, (Assuerd Photos), Ellen Roebuck & Wes Plunkett for sending in pics

hl2013_14.jpg (247228 bytes)
Off the line and into the first turn the "Elite Dinosaur" class heads

Trails Results care of
Walt Foster

George Basely
down from Washington

Defending Champ, Sportsman 500 & +50 Int., Marty Burks

#16 Yamaha

James Vigil

Mark Duvall

+60's thru first turn


Pat Brown

Pat Brown again

Steve Brinkman

Kidney belt loose and
trailing guy on a CZ
(Patrick Leonard)

Running the track backwards

That track reversing 2nd turn

Wes Plunket took his own picture

Wes again

Bob Holmes & Square Barrel
ready to go

This is the gang's area, keep out!

Bob Holmes doing free style tricks across the finish line in vintage?
Come on man!

Big banked turn backwards

Nice day at Hollister

Craig Flores

A Penton tank in the hand
is worth two in the bush

Classic 250s start......

.......and into the first turn

Premier Light Battle David Tripp leads Craig Flores

Scott Reynolds

Up the down hill

2nd turn action

Big Sweeper Backwards
& Kelly Shane

Bumpin' Kelly Shane

Christian Otero

Debbie Poole

Going Up


Assured Photos Hollister Shots

Brad Jones Helmet Cam Action

Bob Bellicitti Helmet Cam Action
+50 Expert, Moto 2

May 4th - 5th, 2013

Some Steel Stampede Trails GoPro video from Barry Cramton

crr2013_39.jpg (356196 bytes)
Courtesy Redmond Spokesman Newspaper

Pics by Pam Falcioni at the following link,

Tommy Mac's getting the 441 Metisse dialed in finally, but he did not have to race a 360 Twinpipe at CRR

Bill Stuth's got a trick tank like Joel Robert's from the 67-68 time period, too bad the bike is not a CZ

Nybold's new Monkey Bike,
(he's really proud of this!)

Jeff Mullin's 360 Oval Barrel Maico, nice addition to the Classic 500 class!

Jud Milller's Montesa VR, (I think these Montasa VR's were one of the best looking motocross bikes of 74)

Team "Pushrod" at Crooked River Ranch, (4) Greeves and not one Pushrod in the trailer!

Pat Riley's new BSA A-10, (some body chip in and get Pat some proper side numbers)

Randy Hall gots nice side numbers on his Trivarna, (take note Pat)

Jay Aitcheson made a lot of good modifications to his Yamaha MX 100 over the winter, tricked the hell out of it But then he just left his 40 year old, hard, rounded off knobby's on the bike.  Come On Man!!!

Dudes, from Oregon & Texas

Jeff Mullins on the 360 Oval Barrel

Bob Holmes on a Square Barrel

Close racing between James Vigil and other guys

crr2013_15.jpg (290423 bytes)
Boise's Tim Jackson leads a bunch of Classic or maybe ESS bikes

Ed Chesnut on his trusty Hodaka Wombat

Sean Fromhold
Husky 4-speeding it

20R on the Penton sweeping buy (It's 20B David Bachmier not 20R)

Rupp batteling Husky in the Classic 125 class.  Ah diversity!

Premier Light /Classic 125 battle

Gary Gronow likes to wear tall white socks under his motocross boots

Lots of stylish Maico riders at Crooked River Ranch this year!

Nancy Richards leads Dave Smead

Michael Carpenter

Jim Anderson on his YZ

Mark Baer on his Sidepiper

Sam Dale looking good on a CZ

Battle of Canada, eh.   Dave Fair leads Gary Gronow

Doug Gagnon on Don Kelly's Penton

Erin Gilkison won the Open Age Novic class at the Steel Stampede

Jay Aitcheson on the
revitalized MX 100 with hard old rounded off knobby tires
. And this guy is trusted with educating our youth?

This is almost as fun
as the actual riding, really!

I tried to get a shot of Paul crashing but he was too careful at CRR.  Here he is picking up his medal in the start of his title defense.

crr2013_37.jpg (264775 bytes)
Team Canada at the Steel Stampede, Eh

AHRMA Vintage Weekend at,
The Bodnar Ranch, Dairy, Oregon
May 25th- 26th, 2013

Don Hall's Bodnar Ranch Trials Gallery

Some Bodnar Ranch Trial video from Barry Cramton
Video 1         Video 2         Video 3

kf2013_01.jpg (215362 bytes)

Thanks to Kelly Shane for these pics

The next wave of the shot above

Mckinney leads Russel

The elder Mckiney

Norm Enders up close and personal

George Belanger Suzuki, unidentifiable from the pre-entry list at least, leads

Gary Gronow down from Victoria BC Canada

Ed Russel leads Daniel Rife

Gronow, Greg Gilmore, & Russel

Greg Gilmore again

Colin Shane leading Pat Brown & Walt Foster

Foster, Stephen Newell & Cliff Mee

Scott Reyunolds, George Baseley, Ed Hines

Scott Parks & Robert Poole, (or somebody on Poole's bike)

Crusty old farm implements & Cliff Mee

Tommy McFarland, (of the McFarland Clan), and Albert Gonzales

Brad Jones Helmet Cam Action

kf2013_20.jpg (309040 bytes)
James Vigil & Clay Light ready for Moto 1

The following shots care of CZ Willy Brown, (Thanks Willy!)

Debbie Poole in the Queue

Stationary Flying Penguin,
Kelly Shane

Rob Poole & Gold Star

Rubber Band Release Mechanism

Mark Baer and Sidepipe

"Man Who Walks Like Little Old Man" Dave Fair on the line and spending lots of money on the ferry from Victoria BC

Peter Cruttenden and BSA waiting

Award Getting Procedure with Dave Smead checking out his 70+ trophy

Keith Crimin, 1st Place
Sportsman 500 & +60 Novice

The Following Pics from Matt or Arei James

Good students study at the races

Matt James & Dirk Murphy

Arei James leading the Sportsman 500's on the Cheney BSA

Matt & Monty Price

Matt sure is ahead of a lot of people in these pictures, here Rob Poole

Premier 500 Start

Sportsman Open Twin Start

Arei and Cement Mixer

Womans Start It was called it the "Powder Puff" class back in the good old days

The Keg

Arei James in Sportsman 500

More Matt & Dirk

A Bodner Ranch Facebook Gallery from Ron & Vikie Smiley

Don Hall's Bodnar Ranch Motocross Gallery

AHRMA Premier and Classic Weekend
Jenny Ranch, Steamboat Springs, CO

Rife Photography Steamboat Portfolio

Thanks to Peter Cruttenden for the following picssb2013_01.jpg (414118 bytes)
Sten Lundin checks out the new Monark in North America

More Sten Scrutinizing

Graham Foster and Smithy
watch the scrutinizing

Trying on Fred Mork's Monark

John Sawazki's Monark was ridden by Sten at Steamboat

Guests of Honor don't need to fill
out no stinking entry forms!

Fred's Monark,
up close and personal

Don Matthews Does Unadilla Rewind
(Don hit the road this summer to see how the other side does things)
kf2013_43.jpg (263029 bytes)
Don pulls the start in the first moto of the day and leads Steve Tucker and Dempsey Elders. This moto was the combined classes of Classic 250 All, Premier 350 Expert, & Classic 500 Novice.

kf2013_44.jpg (289701 bytes)
Don leads John Galager out of Unadilla's "Gravity Cavity" in Classic 250 Expert action

Honey Lake Moto-cross Park
Milford California
June 29 - 30, 2013

Yes there was PV action at Honey Lake, on Saturdaymf2013_12.jpg (175553 bytes)
Thanks to Sue Matthews for pic above and pics below

James Vigil,
Soaring on Sunday

John Gulliford and Tim Bentley

Don Matthews leads Don Neilson and Scott Reynolds in Classic 250 action

Tim Bentley and good cornering form, (the track look prime!)

Announcing Tower Hump

Bubba Dennis up from Texas leads the Classic 250's up the start straight, (Bubba probably thought it was cold at Honey Lake)

Thanks to Kelly Shane for the following pics
mf2013_01.jpg (281680 bytes)

Ni-Bold leads Tim Bentley in Premier 500 Expert action

Select Event racer,
Peter Cruttenden

Brian Ellingson from over Spokane way leads Jeff Robertson? & Rick Daniel?

Same as last shot,
only closer

Ellingson, out of the
picture now

Cliff Woodall?
and Tom McKinney

Brad Bergquist leads Jonathan Stoumen

Walt Foster, Steve Machado, & Earl Schnell?

+60 first lap action, (and probabaly some other classes too)

K96, 45Z, Albert Gonzales, and new 60+ guy Chris Kerber

Honey Lake PROOF shots by Anthony Karbowski

Mt Baker Motorcycle Club/Hannegan Speedway
AHRMA Vintage Weekend
Bellingham, Washington
July 13 - 14,  2013
Trials Video by Barry Cramton

Trials Results
Modern Classic Other Classes

Pics from Arei James, Dean Newton, Michale Crooks, & Tharyn Richards, thanks guys & gals!

b13_01.jpg (270967 bytes)
Tommy McFarland takes the high road, Rick Downing the low road
(Not much grass left compared to 2006, below, is there!)

BH3.jpg (103858 bytes)

Earlier in the moto above, probably, before Downing had caught up

Matt James getting air chasing Chris Castles

Dirk Murphy is under investigation for violating child labor laws.  Jim Cole and Jody Heintzman may be subpoenaed to testify as material witnesses

Cat Fight at Hannegan.  Arei James and Nancy Richards battle.  It's nice to see Arei still on two wheels coming out of a turn!

David Smead & L20

777 in Post-Vintage Action

Andrew McKeag on his
"Early Sportsman"™

Good to see Ross Roberts back at Hannegan this year

Lyle Duronso

John Nielsen, Paul's son in his first AHRMA race and only his second vintage race


Dirk Murphy leads Scott Johson

Arei James

Paul Nielson on the hard-pack

Jim Anderson, I think, getting air

John Nielson again

Brian Ellington on his CZ

Chris Castles

Dirk Murphy
(The Dirkanator)

Tommy MacFarland's
250 ccm CCM

Matt James (Spokane guys making it to Bellingham, good deal!)

Jody Heintzman
leads Ron Predmore

PV'er 26E or 36E
over the big hunp

Giorgio's new OSSA.  It's always good to get new guys in the Classic and/or Premier classes!

Out of the gate, a big pack
of Classic 250's

Tommy McFarland, 26E, and Rick Dowing, close battle

Giorgio stalking McFarland

This does not look good!

But Giorgio is not quite ready to give up the Sportsman classes just yet

Matt James leads big twins action

Hanging at Hannegan

From out of retirement comes Tom Mcallister and his Cotton

David Parks at speed

OSSA Buddies, (should have been behind an OSSA)

Tower Crew

A pack of PV's over the big hump

b13_24.jpg (291030 bytes)
Giorgio, the new OSSA guy
Sean Fromhold Helmet Cam Action

Donner Summit Trial at Auburn Ski Club
Speed and Sport National Vintage Trials Series
Powroll/Redwood Engineering Trials Series
July 20-21, 2013
Soda Springs, CA

See Kelly Shanes Pics
Click Here

Some shots from Carl Anderson, (thanks Carl)

Really Serious Section Checker

Watch'n How It's Done

Big Rocks

2004_Chehalis.jpg (257171 bytes)
Blast from the past.  Who can name this racer from the 2004 Chehalis Classic (national)

Big K Vintage Weekend,
August 3rd & 4th, 2013,
The Big K Guest Ranch,
Elkton, Oregon

bk05.png (219139 bytes)

bk13_03_Crop.jpg (189794 bytes)
Click picture for full panorama

A Tremendous 1st Time Effort!  Thanks to everybody!

bk13_08.jpg (275594 bytes)
Setting Up

Much thanks to these people for sending in pictures and/or picture & video links; Dean Newton, Ellen Roebuck, Eric Matthews, Makary Hutson, Don Hall, Barry Cramton, Dave Edie, Sean Fromhold & Michale Crooks

(Bikes, Pit Shots, & Stuff)

Sharp objects & old trailer tires don't mix too well, twice

Mud Turtles setting up with some Early Sportsman bikes.  It looks like these bikes will have a class here next year, if this event becomes a national in 2014

The Big K Guest Ranch's
Track Traction Pills
(Tear-Offs can wreck these, so please remember leave them at home next year)

The Ni-Bold bikes use
that stinky gas

There was some neat stuff for sale at the Big K Event

Larry Robert's "just for show" Premier Light Jawa does not run yet.  Come on Larry!!!

Mark Baer's Square Barrel Maico, aka Early Sportsman bike. (There are lots of these out there, find one and bring it out!)

Yellow Tanker for sale (with a 360 Sidepipe engine)

A BSA 500 Trials Rig that I'm sure I've had a picture of before here, but it's worth another look

The Promoter and the Guidance Councilor, from left to right
(Cliff Mee & Dick Mann)

Old Timey British Trials Iron,
down from Canada

Not so Old Timey Japanese
Trials Iron

Another good Early Sportsman Square Barrel Maico (Bob Holmes')

Dave Rymal's 100cc Yamaha with the "Desert Sled" treatment

Peter Cruttenden setting up (uses the small rig approach to VT & VMX)

Even when Ron Foster tries to frown it looks like a smile

"ET Phone Home"

Jon Wall's "new" 500 Harris Replica, could this be the next "Featured Machine"?

Mike Atkins, checking that the front brake still works

Dave Whelchel's really nice early Kawasaki motocrosser was run in the Classic 250 Expert class

Tommy Macfarland's twin CCM's (250 & 500), got a lot of use at the Bik K.  As did his 441 BSA Metisse

George "Cycle Gear" Gerstenberg's Cheney BSA & OSSA

Brian Ellington's nice 380 CZ

Matt Hilgenberg preps the 1956 DOT 250 for Ginger's usage

Sunday morning pit
panorama shot from the
bottom of the pits

Worth another look,
Dennis Rose's Cotton

There was Goldfish Racing in the Riley wagon circle on Saturday night, and a big raffle with proceds going to the AHRMA Benevolent Fund

Number Two, Round Man & on the bike
Terry Hyde lofts his Triumph Cub over the 2 line log in Seciton 7

(Much thanks to Trials Marshal Dana Salsman, Terry Dale, & Cliff Mee for laying out a great trial, and to all the checkers and score tabulators too)

Looking down at the Umpqua River from just below Section 1

1974'ish 2 line Sherpa T
rider in Section 1

Sam Dale from
nearby Cottage Grove

Peter Cruttenden does the big log on his Rigid Lightweight BSA

Barry Cramton
with GoPro on chest

Walt Foster,
Section 1, Log 2

Straining concentration to pass
a big log by Rob Poole

More Straining concentration

Imperial Storm Trouper
Chris Castles walks Section 1

J.P. Antone on his
Premier Lighweight BSA

Take the log at a slight angle so the turn afterward is easier, Sean Fromhold does

2 line Montesa rider

Mike Atkins in Section 6

Chas Higdon I think

Dave Fair, part of the big contigent of Canadians that came down for the Big K Vintage Weekend

Dirk Diggler
in Trials Mode

Jim Anderson takes a dab

Chuck Hodson takes
a tree dab rest stop

The other "Not so Old Timey Japanese
Trials Iron" Guy

Wassell Hodaka guy over
the big log in section 7

Sleeping in his own bed Friday night allowed Sam Dale supreme concentration over this log on Saturday

Mark Roller, another one
of those Canadians, eh

Big Log at the Big K, and the Green Hodaka guy

Phyllis Bulwinkle won the
Beginner class at the Big K

Dana Salsman, our excellent Trials Marshal, tackles big log

Darrel Kilgore
approaches big log

Dave Fair over
the big Section 7 log

Sean Fromhold over big log

Super serious Terry Hyde
shows trials wound

Super Serious Dave Fair
show trials wound

Dana reminisces about that big log at the trials awards ceremony

Trial Results Sheet One

Trail Results Sheet Two

Don Hall's Trials Pics

Barry Cramton's Trials Video

Jon Wall our excellent chauffer
Jon Wall ahead of Kyle Halkola & Pat Riley in Sportsman Open Twin moto 1

(Much thanks to all the track layer outers, stake drivers, hay bale placers.  And the water truck drivers; Bill Stuth, Dana Salsman, Rob Poole, Wes Poole, J.P. Antone, Max, (Bill Stuth's nephew) & Cliff Mee. Also thanks to the water truck mechanics, Bill Stuth, Ed Parsons, & Dick Mann.  And thanks to all the lap checkers, score tabulators, flag people, and the fire rangers carefully watching over the activities)

The Mud Turtles, & Tom Bentley took care of most of the Tech on Saturday afternoon, but there are always stragglers Sunday morning

Mud Turtle,
digging for DOT sticker

Unlike a lot of racers, Wes Plunket adjusted his tire pressure for the upcoming wet and slick practice session

Queuing up for the 1st practice

Iron Man Tommy McFarland ran every practice session

Mike Atkins in practice.  It was moist and very slick

Newcomer Yrret Edyh from
Lithuania on the Ariel Metisse.  Yrret was on the Lithuanian ISDT team in 1967

Cobby (comparative more cobby, superlative most cobby)
1.  stocky
. stout; hearty; lively     <<<<  (this one only applies to this bike & rider)
3.  obstinate; headstrong
4.  arrogant

This guy at the riders meeting
reminded me of Terry Hyde

Rider Meeting Merge

First race picture of the day.   Randy Webber leads the first moto and he's already gawking at the camera

Jeff Mullins on his Early Sportsman Square Barrel Maico with Julie Bentley in the background

Sean Fromhold chasing Mark Baer

Wes Poole with
Brian Ellington in tow

Close racing through
the off-camber

Jim Row through
the off-camber

Kelly Shane on
his Cheney Norton

Tyrus Wilson & Dirk Murphy prepare to make a Rianda sandwich

I was not in the safest of spots when I took this shot of Kyle Halkola

Brian Ellington in good
form and on the gas

Matt James

Dirk Diggler
in Moto-cross Mode

I think Andy Tchirkine
might be on a Kawasaki

Really nice scenery in the back of James Vigil on 125 Husqvarna, (with vintage legal Ohlins Piggyback reservoir shocks)

The rest of the Sportsman 125's battle behind Vigil and in front of the nice scenery

Nicky Trevino leads
Andy Tchirkine (Kawasaki Guy)

Alex Finnerin needs a quick throttle on that Penda so he doesn't have to ride around with his right arm cranked down all the time

Greg Fisher

Mark Roler chase Dave Ravencraft

Dean Harrison with George Belanger trailing

Then Mathew Stoumen tries to sweep around George Belanger

David Parks, he looks back a lot

Johathan Stoumen
leads Jerry Hemley

Tony Devino & Roy Fowler in Sportsman 250 Intermediate action

Mat Stouman trying to get around Harrison before "The Tight Section"

The Tight Section

Cobby Cobberson sweeps into the
lead of the first 60+ moto

Scott Parks

Jerry Hemley on his Kaw

Peter Jorgenson in 60+ Int.

James Vigil on his Maico

bk13-04.jpg (242959 bytes)
Chris Castles on his Premier Open Twin Triumph

Downing, Crimin, Harrison, & McCowan, (Attorneys at Moto)

Peter Jorgenson leads Dowing & Harrison

Chris Castles cruising to the win, (Ron Foster's head was Photo-Shopped out, it was sticking out of Chris's head)

Bill Row with Ron Foster and his head left in, (and Martin Spriggs)

Gary Flagler leads Chris Kerber

Rob Poole gives Bill Silverthorn a little love tap, (but he didn't go down, did he)

Dave Fair, leads Scott Johnson & Stephan Newell early in the 1st moto 7

George Gerstenberg leads Dan Baker (George has a Traction Pill splotch on his right shoulder)

Steve Taylor leads Fritz Guenther

Marty Burks

Classic 250/Premier 350 moto 1
first lap action

Dana Salsman on his
Premier 350 Velocette

Terry Bentley on the 250 Twinpipe CZ (courtesy of Don Matthews)

Tom Bentley on the 250 Twinpipe CZ
(courtesy of Don Matthews)

Tim Bentley did not ride a proper Twinpipe CZ in Classic 250 thus his inability to hold a tight line through this corner or even loft front tire (this bike does go better than a Twinpipe CZ when it does not lose it's gas line)

Debbie Poole (did not give anyone a love tap in her Classic 250 moto)

Barry Brown, now regulated to the Premier 350 class

Dean Newton & Tommy MacFarland had a good battle in the 1st Classic 250 moto

"OSSA Fest 2013, (East meets West)"
Andrew Blackburn up from Georgia leads Washington boy Dirk Murphy

Also part of OSSA Fest 2013,
Peter Sheilberg

More OSSA Fest 2013, Terry Dale chasing Scott Rynolds
(What's with all the OSSA's?)

Completing the OSSA Fest 2013
line-up was George Baseley

Peter Steilberg on his fast 125 CZ makes a hand jesture (Frustrated that his 125 CZ can't keep up with Mark Swanson's 125 CZ)

The return of Old Lockknee

Classic 500's lining up

Gary "Groaner" Gronow down from Canada land.  (Gary let me know when you get everybody together for that group photo)

Because he's on Double Secret Probation, Jim Anderson prepares to carefully lap Nancy Richards

Rick Dowing, 250 Greeves Challenger, and the river bottom

Pat Brown pressures
Jim Anderson, early on

Sis helps bro

Dave Smead and Mikhail McNutty battle while Wes Poole prepares to lap them

Sleeping in his own bed Saturday night allowed Sam Dale supreme concentration in his first Open Age Intermediate moto on Sunday

Dallas Nyblod in the
1st Classic 500 moto

Coming in wide then up the inside, Pat Brown's line through the off-camber turn with the snow fence below it

Stephan Newell takes
the more traveled line

Pat Riley, not at all
wacky when he's racing

Cliff Mee high line, Bill Stuth low line (Cliff pretends he's riding a 360 Twinpipe CZ by wearing that CZ shirt)

Vint Whitman in the 100cc Int class

Mike Atkins leads the
Classic 500 mid moto pack

Randy Webber,
now that's concentrating!

The Classic 500 Int. pack.   Albert Gonzales leads Sean Fromhold and Tommy McFarland
($@%#!  I should have been out there!)

Sean Fromhold racing his Premier 500 Matchless G80CS in the Classic 500 class also

Joe Thomas & Joe Schandel? in Sportsman 500 Expert moto 1

Austin Fowler?

Cliff Mee leads Rob Poole early in the 1st Premier 500 moto

Peter Cruttenden & Dana Salsman, Premier 500 action

The battle for Lithuanian pride, Yrret Edyh holds off the likable and young Al Wenzel

John Ford, scowling

Tim Bentley
leads Rob Poole

Ni-Bold, Jawa

Ginger Hilgenberg running
Premier Light on the 56 DOT

Johnny Antone

Ginger Hilgenberg & Jannet Player, (Both these gals boycotted the Powder Puff class to run Premier Light)

Dennis Rose, (Cotton), leads Dean Newton (Greeves).  Pushrods! We don't need no stinking Pushrods!

Jon Wall cruising in the Premier Open Twin moto

David Tripp on the Honda

Craig Flores trying to catch that Honda guy, but he didn't :(

Click below for Don Hall's moto-cross pics

Click below for pics from Dave Edie

Click below for Big K photos by Eric Matthews (aka "Monkey Boy")

Some moto-cross video from Sean Fromhold

bk06.jpg (139725 bytes)

Tea Cup Two Day Trial
Point Arena, California
August 24th & 25th, 2013

Thanks to Ellen Roebuck & Michael Behrens for the pics & captions

tc2013_02.jpg (332977 bytes)
The Scott Trial workers

Saturday Sign-up

Barry Cramton, drove 680 miles to take home a couple of first place trophies

Herd O Bikes

Max Behrens observer,
Walt Foster rider

Gold Star Trials Rig

Premier Heavy & Light Weights
(or maybe & Classic?)

Your Hosts

Mike "What is Hip" Stone back in action, section 3

Luke Arana (possibly), Section 3

Steve Meyer (possibly)

Walt Foster Section 2

(P-RE Round)

Richmond Ramblers bring home the wood (with protection on)

Poole BBQ'ers

BBQ Group Shot

BBQ action, (good eats)

Scott Trial Sign-up

Kelly Shane does the
"It's all good" sign

Wes Poole showing
determination on the 1 line

Wes Poole getting punched, section 9

Walt Foster Section 3

Barry Cramton cleans section 8

Jim Ferher & Steve Meyer


Tea Cup Trial video from Barry Cramton
Vid 1                  Vid 2

tc2013_09.jpg (299830 bytes)
James Lerer rides the wheels off his Bultaco at the Tea Cup Trial

The 9th Annual
Novation Inc AHRMA Vintage Weekend
Rattlers Run Farms, Fairfield WA
(South of Spokane)
September 7-8, 2013

A lot of people's new favorite track

rr2013_02.jpg (216686 bytes)
500 Intermediates thru the 1st corner

Thanks to Makary Hutson, (via Matt James), Nancy Richards, and Jim Anderberg for sending in pics

Fog before practice

500 and twins expert start

500 and Twins Expert

Brian Ellingson and company

Chris Howell, Josh James

Close quarters

Chris Howell trying a Desoto toe slide

Dirk Murphy with flag

Dirk Murphy eating dirt
c/o Matt James

View from the wetlands

Joe Kopp and the Cheney BSA

Joe Kopp hits the ground on the Cheney (off the Cheney)

Joe Kopp making his move on Matt James

Watch'n out by the road, (Joe made his move on Matt)

Josh James up the 1st turn/hill

Matt James , Brian Ellingson and Chris Howell

Matt James, Chris Castles and John Seehorn

Mike Hughes, YZ 650???

Premier Open Twin Experts 1st Corner

Scoring Section

The farm (Rattlers Run)

Up the hill

Premier Open Twin start

Fred Villopoto, (Ryan's grandfather), leads Tommy MacFarland and Ron Predmore in the 70+ class.

But later in the moto Tommy Mac got him

Veteran dudes hanging out

David "Different Field" Smead
gassing it

Cobby Coberson, making the rounds this year

Eric Forster, Rickman Montesa

Rick Deford on his Husky

Michael Carpenter, El Snore

Rick Dowing looking back to see if a push rod equiped bike is catching him

Scott Parks, working to dedending his Classic 500 Int Lumberjack title

Paul Nielson
holding off Jim Monegan
(no crash picture of Paul this year???)

Makary Huston who also took some of the pictures here, thanks again Makary

Larry Roberts in Premier Light, (Larry displays the fast bike and rides the slow bike)

Arei James was becoming a Husky so Joe Kopp rode her ride

David Parks and something you don't see that oftern at Rattlers Run in early September, shade from clouds

Andrew Carpenter,
also on a El Snore

Andy James running the traditional Euro green plates for a 250 and Mickey Sergent on his tail

Switchback action with Jeff Depoe? John Seahorn?, and David "Barackomire" Bachmire

Dean Newton looking tentative on the downhill without the pushrods

Sean Fromhold and Bryan Anderbers in the heat of battle

Barackomire rolling past the hay

David Parks, (we missed the Parks boys at the CRR Premier/Classic Weekend)

Helmet cam action courtesy Bruce Deming

Chasing Joe Kopp for a lap

September 14th & 15th, 2013

Thank you Crooked River Ranch community for welcoming us the 2nd time this year!

cpc2013_04.jpg (326096 bytes)
Ron Foster takes a dab in Section 2, (should have brought the Norton)

Thanks to Sophie Grimm for filling in some shots

Saturday Action

Terry Dale, trying to ignore the dufus with the camera

Hawaiian shirt trials guy on the turn Ron Foster dabbed on (Ross Green)

Dirk Diggler, of sound mind
and body on Saturday

Steve Vasilauskas is a Hodaka trials guy now.....

....and so is Jon Vasilauskas who won the Classic Int class

Dana Salsman does trials in his moto-cross gear

Stephen Newell on the turn
Ron Foster dabbed on

Another Hodaka trials guy,
(Jerry Carter?)

Dan Lawry???  If it is he won the Modern Classic Novice class

Terry Hyde on the turn Ron Foster dabbed on, (some people say Terry looks like that Lithuanian guy Yrret)

One of the Section 2 checkers, Don Matthews, (with his pants still on)

Sue Matthews getting to the trial late after sleeping in late, (with her top still on)

Bill McClinton cruising through the loose sand on his Premier Heavyweight BSA

Sean Fromhold working to keep up his momentum in the dryer and looser sand, (than last May)

The likable & young Al Wenzel on the likable & old Matchless

Terry Dale, could not ignore the dufus with the camera this time

Deliberate dab
in tricky turn

The world's slowest Indian rider and Indian hat finagler, Tom Street.

(Tom hosted the fall slot car classic which was dominated by the team of Sue Matthews & Witherspoon)

Still Clean

Still Clean, Not

Crash & burn in the sand

Herb Wolf on his
Rigid Heavyweight Matchless

Phyllis Bullwinkle

Wassel Hodaka guy takes a shortcut

Bill Yeates

3 Line Bultaco Guy

One of Saturday's MVPs

CRR Trials Results, Card 1

CRR Trials Results Card 2

CRR Trials Results, Card 3


Tom Street gets
his trials trophy

Ron Foster, (on the left), thinking about that dab he took on Section 2, Loop 1

A great Saturday night dinner under the "Pavillion" at MacPherson Park

Panoramic Dinner Merge

Our after dinner MC and the driving force behind the Premier/Classic Weekend, Pete Fisher, wanted to know about our first motocycle experiences, (and other stuff)  Thanks Pete!

cpc2013_98.jpg (237105 bytes)
Dirk Diggler made it through practice at Crooked River Ranch, but not the motos

Sunday Action

Bill Stuth's "new" Premier
500 Triumph twin

Another Truimph 500 twin, Kim McKillop's Classic 500 rig (With trick Honda Elsinore shocks???)

Dick Mann & Tom Street
BS'ing before practice
, (with classy assortment of international flags along the start straight)

Scott Fisher in practice on Don Matthew's 360 Twinpipe CZ

Too many people these days are slaves to their cell phones!

Ni-Bold out front in the first moto of the day with perfect track conditions

Sean Fromhold chasing
Ron Predmore

Janett Player
on the 250 BSA

Bill Stuth, testing out his handy work, (bike building and track watering)

Mickey Sargent and Penton, in gear and roosting

Daniel Savage leads Judd Miller

Vint Whitmen leads Mark Baer

Ed Chesnut on his practice
bike Hodaka Wombat,
(or something like that)

David Pauliny over the
natural and only jump
on the CRR track

Dean Newton on his Premier Light Greeves

(Dean says about this bike, "In 1963 my MD24 was called a Hawkstone Special – it was a cheap model scrambler with an iron barrel. The MDS24 (Dave Bickers replica) was the real racer. But I have replaced the head and barrel with the go-fast alloy parts")

Terry Dale leads the
first Classic 250 moto.....

....followed by George Baseley,
(Return of "OSSA Fest 2013")

Don Matthews making up ground after stopping to check on Dirk

Classic 500 Moto 1 off the start

Bill McClinton leads Kim McKillop & Sean Fromhold

Yerrt Edyh, the former Lithuanian ISDT & moto-cross star was heard saying after the race,  "You's haves really coot VMX trakz in's Nordvedst Amerika"

On the gas, the crotchety yet lovable Chuck Bullwinkle

Michael McCowen, "Moto Mack", where's that helmet cam footage?  Send in the link.

Ron Predmore, my hero!  He survived Boeing and he's been racing for years after he retired!   (I want to be just like him when I grow up)

Moto 6 off the line,
(Classic Open Age)

Jim Row on the Don Matthews 360 Twinpipe CZ, (the 2nd best looking 360 Twinpipe on the AHRMA NW circuit)

Jud Miller leading the
Classic Open Age Int's in moto 1

David Pauliny lead
the rest of the pack......

....with Sam Dale in close pursuit

Mark Baer with his head tipped down pretty far, (for him)

cpc2013_05.jpg (269052 bytes)
Dana Salsman on Bill Stuth's Triumph 500 Twin

Vint Whitmen on one of the many Hodakas at the AHRMA P/C Weekend at CRR

Dan Laury on his Montesa in Classic Open Age Int.

Dana Salsman in the lead and checking out at the beggining of Moto 7

Next behind Salsman, Allen Wenzel leads John "Fluffy" Wall

Taking Wenzel roost, Jon "Fluffy" Wall, (a most excellent chauffeur)

W. Joseph Helm proves that old flat trackers know how to berm shoot

Barackomire pretending to be Dirk Diggler in Moto 7

Stephen Newell leads
the pack in Moto 8

Barackomire did not seem too tired from the pretending to be Dirk Diggler in the previous moto

The most excellent picture of Daniel Savage I've ever taken, (where's that helmet cam link Daniel?)

George Basley almost missed Saturday night's dinner at the pavilion thing

Stephen Newell stretching it out on the GP Victor

Pre-race Conference

Moto 8 start, the British bikes blow off that commie two stroke

At the end of lap 1 Moto 8, Dick Mann leading the pack but the commie two stroke, (Bill Row), has caught up a little

Dick Mann,
starting to check out

Chuck Hodson on his Matchless

Bill McClinton

Bill Row making up some ground on Dick Mann.  Not! (CZ Twinpipe Fun-Fact: Vladimir Putin use to ride a Twinpipe CZ when he was a junior officer in the KGB. True!)

The Raffle Prize & Moto-cross Award
Giver Outers

The Sidelined Mud Turtle,
(He hobbled up pretty damn fast to collect his raffle prizes)

Yrret gets his award  (Pete, teach the kid for next year, place the award over the head)

And the award for running around the entire moto-cross track when the racing was over goes to.....   (c/o Don Matthews)

Moto-cross Award Buddies

Barackomire's Cabinet

Vintage motocrosser turned Georgia State Trouper, Jim Row

Thanks Pete Fisher!

Praying didn't help this poor bastard
at the Crooked River Ranch Cabins

Sean Fromhold Helmet Cam Action

cpc2013_94.jpg (264359 bytes)
The view from the nearby lookout c/o Soph

And then the Seahawks kick 49'er butt Sunday night!  Yea baby!

AHRMA Post-Vintage & Vintage Nationals
Glen Helen Raceway
San Bernardino, CA

Dallas does Glen Helen
(or Helen does Dallas)

The Robert W. Bushey Memorial
Vintage MX, Trials and Cross Country Rodeo
The Bushey Ranch, Canby, California
October 5th - 6th, 2013

cb2013_49.jpg (244273 bytes)

Thanks to Arei James & Makary Hutson, (via Matt "Captions" James), for the following pics.
And also Scott Newman, (via Dana Perry), Kelly Shane, Toni Brown, Don Hall and Tim/Terry Bentley

The following trials pics by Don Hall (thanks Don)

Dennis Rose on his non-Fantic
hubbed trials bike

Premier Heavyweight Intermediate, Chas Higdon I think

2 line, modern classic Bultaco rider with motocross helmet (Jeff Bushey)

Same guy as the last pic

This might be Pat Riley, from the stash, and he's wearing one of thee "Best Last Chehalis" shirts

Looks like Jim Cole

Phyllis Bulwinkle

cb2013_50.jpg (320047 bytes)
The flavor of the trial

Chris Castles chasing Matt James

Arei James Cruising

Kelly Shane going for it

Matt James, Kelly Shane and Chris Castles

Makary Hutson squaring off turn 4

Arei's new Flattracker in the rough, (you get by with a little help from your friends). Thanks to Steve Gard

Classic 500 Start

Premier Open Twins start

Turn 4 antics

Women & 70+ 4th corner action

Women & 70+ start Sequence 1 (wheelie by Julie Bentley)

Women & 70+ Start Sequence 2
(wheelie ended)

And the "AHRMA NW 2013 Hubby Award" goes to Tom Bentley
(He ran to help Julie and did not spill his drink, bonus!)

cb2013_02.jpg (273038 bytes)
Open Age 1st turn action

Thanks to Ellen Roebuck for these pics

Sportsman 500 Start?

Gary "Group Photo" Gronow leading

Tyler Bryant & Curt Snyder

World record holder Mark Roler chases 221

The record holder, up close and personal

George Gerstenberg leads Mark Roler

Matt James and Cobby Coberson, (AKA Chris Castles), battle

The Cobmiester

Wes Poole and Jim "Back from a successfull VMXdN at Farliegh Castle" Anderson

Gronow pan shot

Erin Gilkison at speed

Emily Poole

It's Thor, "X", or Tyler Bryant

Kelly Shane

CZ Willy starting by himself

Thanks to Tim & Terry Bentley for these pics

The Area

Terry Bentley

George Gerstenberg leads Curt Snyder

Wes Poole & Jim Anderson again

Terry Bentley again

From the back

Moto Chicks

Sombody on a Poole bike, (Rob probably)

Cliff Mee on his Premier 500 BSA

Peter Cruttenden

Chuck Bulwinlkle leads Mike Miller

Sorry Tim, I just can't think of a funny caption for this picture

Tim Bentley & Rob Poole battle


Watch out for those
Poole love taps Tim

Cliff Mee Again

cb2013_31.jpg (345627 bytes)
Dennis Rose, (Cotton), & Dean Newton, (Greeves) wait for thier Premier Light/Classic 125 moto.

Dean Newton would like to convey,

I would like to thank all those who helped load my bikes and gear in the truck so my wife could follow the ambulance to Alturas. I wasn't around, but I really appreciate it. I eventually wound up in a hospital in Medford where my broken leg was repaired.

Dean and Jan Newton

More Shots From Kelly Shane, click here

Don Hall's Canby MX Photos

cb2013_32.jpg (193459 bytes)

Helmet Cams from David Gulickson
250 Sportsman Intermediate Moto 1
250 Sportsman Intermediate Moto 2
50+ Intermediate Moto 1
50+ Intermediate Moto 2

The 23rd Annual Mike Lightfoot
Vintage Motorcycle Classic
October 19 - 20, 2013
Hollister Hills SVRA, Hollister CA

Thanks SCRU for a wonderfull Hollister weekend!

hh2013_03.jpg (298920 bytes)
Ron Perconti rode his 1st trial on the 3 line in loafers but really good eye protection, he had a bunch of points & fun!

Saturday Stuff

Bike Show Ammex Shot 1

Ammex Shot 2
(Best Mexican MC in Show?)

Cute Lil Indian
(In an interview with the Associated Press, President Obama said if he were the owner of this bike, and he knew the brand name was "offending a sizable group of people," then he would "think about changing it.")

Really nice 73 250 Maico at the Swap Meet, only $2,700 OBO.  Hell of a deal!

A mini El Snore at the Swap Meet

The Soup Nazi's at Barber said,
"No class for you"

A Bultaco Chopper???

A nice Greeves Griffin

Nipping the bud of the kids racing their mini bikes through the pits, (especially the loud and obnoxious KTM kid with no glass in the silencer), was our hero Buck Murphy

There seemed to be a lot of nice Maico's down at Hollister this year, like Bob Bellicitti's

Down from Spokane Washington for the trial only was Joe Klokkevold and his Wassel Hodaka.

#3 Line Modern Classic Bultaco
rider in Section 1
(Dan Gawronski)

#2 Line Modern Classic Yamaha
rider in Section 1

#1 Line Modern Classic Yamaha
rider in Section 1

Dad Dabbing (Patrick Garrahan with his son who was riding for the first time)

PI Greeves rider Section 1
(Larry Cerini)

Robert Doran, (not on his
Blackberry), & in Section 1

Tank in frame Yamaha guy (Rick Daniel)

Tricky line between tree &
cut log in Section 2
(Jim Lerer)

Tight squeeze thru the trees

Tricky loose downhill in Section 3

Brian Wenzel still clean in Section 3

Walt Foster demonstrates the tricky climb out of Section 3

Section 3, line 3, Cub rider

Richmond Rambler ModernClassic 2 line guy at the Section 3 turn around (Paul Moore)

Tom Stowers in Premier
Heavyweight Expert

Modern Classic 2 line Montesa guy in Section 3 (Charlie Higdon)

Bultaco guy in that section on the sunny side of the pits

hh2013-18.jpg (288912 bytes)

Dirk Murphy
down from Puyallup WA

Gate Turn

Mike Stone checks out his cool Bottle of Wine trials trophy with custom label (Trials master Kory Web reading off the score sheets & section setter Clive Belvior handing out the wine trophies, thanks guys!)

Ariel trials rig (the gate turn bike)

A Rickman Zundapp.  Raise that rear end, lower that front end, and that sucker will turn real good!

Don Dotson's Sportsman Open Twin Triumph

David Smead, down from Seattle, putting in his Hollister jetting

The infamous Bubba Dennis
Maico, up from Texas

Trial Results

Some trials shots courtesy Ellen Roebuck (thanks Ellen!)

Ron Perconti standing on the pegs, (Ron you need to do more of this, in the sections)

Craig Flores approaching
rocks Section 1

Not really this steep

Robert Doran into Section 1

The only Z line rider in the trail

A a nice fall day at Hollister with good sections right next to the pits for easy spectator access.

Yellow jersey Gold Star guy

Brian Wenzel working to get over log

Some trees would move when you hit them, others would not

Tank in frame Yamaha guy

Dirk Murphy in his coveted Jawa jersey, (on the Yamaha)

Rob Poole on steep downhill

Ariel & green tee shirt guy

Distracted by the photographer, TL 125 Honda 3 line guy

1 line blue TY Yamaha guy

Joe Klokkevold

Anther shot of tank in
frame Yamaha guy

PI BSA Heavyweight

Buck Murphy's first thing Monday morning picture from Hollister, (only on Tuesday), #1

hh2013_01.jpg (296293 bytes)
Buck Murphy on Dirk's Tri-BSA in the 2nd moto 1, (Premier Open Twin's & Classic 500's)

Buck Murphy's first thing Monday morning picture from Hollister, (only on Tuesday), #2
(This picture for Buck only, nobody else click this link)

Sunday Stuff

Ed Sims' freshly rebuilt 250 Twinpipe needs a better Chain Guide (put a stock Black Frame Brake Arm/Chain Guide on the thing Ed!)

This linkage makes Ed Sims' Classic 500 class 360 Husqvarna shift on the correct side, (like a commie bike)

You gotta come to the Riders Meeting cause there's splaining to be done

Tom Bentley and Don Matthews consult on highly technical stuff

These guys weren't too busy, cause everybody's got thier old stickers still on thier bikes

Late arrival to Tech

Doug Grant, wide eyed and bushy tailed in practice

Bob Bellicitti in practice

Ed Sims in practice, the chain is still on

Pat Brown in practice on his Bul

Pat Jacobson down from Spanaway WA.  Washington guys like Hollister!

Two different 3 way "battles" during practice, near and far

1st moto of the day start, Classic 500's. Stephen Newal, Doug Grant, & Pat Brown lead the pack

With the watering after practice, the hard packed practice line was abandoned for a while. Jeff Mullins & Ed Sims demonstrate

Tom Bentley was racing Don Matthews' 360 Twinpipe CZ, the bike looked too stiff and the back end jacked up too high!

Jeff Lamattina on his Classic 500 Intermediate ride

Tim Bentley grabbed the lead in the 2nd moto of the day, Premier 500 & Premier Open Twin

Buck Murphy leading all the Premier Open Twins

Pat Riley was leading Rob Poole.....

....until he fell and got a big brown abstain in his pants

Brian Wenzel roosts 63w (63W might be Rolf Greenhill riding his Sportman Open Twin in the wrong moto)

The Sidecar Geezer,
(can't use his real name)

The Y & L on Hank's Norton (Or is it L & Y?  I can't remember)

Harlan Bast won 70+
Intermediate at Hollister

hh2013-17.jpg (266435 bytes)

Robert Doran making up ground on Fred Mork's 500 ESO.  (We're expecting to see the 500 ESO back in the Premier 500 section of the rule book for 2014 after a typo removed it by mistake from the 2013 handbook)

Patrick Neal and his real original early Matchless Scrambler won the Cool Bike, or Period Bike award, (or whatever it's called these days). Patrick raced Premier 500 Novice on this bike

Rick Daniel leading at the start of moto 3.  Rick rode four classes at Hollister this year, (or at least he signed up for that many)

The surprisingly fast Robert Rollins
on the 62X Bultaco

Brad Bergquist exiting the elevator sections

David Smead leads Robert
Rollins & Jim Rasmussen

Scott Reynolds on the big bank turn in Classic 250 Intermediate

Bubba Dennis stretching it out in the first Classic 250 moto

Don Nelson on his super clean Bultaco Metisse 250

Jim Musich on his not all jacked
up 250 Twinpipe CZ

John Gulliford, pan shot
on the big bank turn

Jim Musich & Scott Reynolds had a good race going in that 1st Classic 250 moto

Don Matthews gawking at the camera.  (You can tell even though he's wearing the dark lenses)

Ellen Roebuck on the Poole bike in the 1st Womens / Premier Light moto

Kelsey Murphy, (Buck's kid), on the Jim Nation N3 Yamaha represented well

James Vigil leading the
1st Classic 125 moto

Mike Adrian leads Dan Ayala in Classic 125 action

Richard Tomlinson leads Randy Lewis on that sharp turning Rickman Zundapp

"Release the McCraken" (But try not to land on him if your a Munchkin VMX'er)

Janette Player, she'll scam a bunch of beers off you one year, and not offer you 1 beer a year later! (But at least she's not a "Shift-Stomper" any more)

Andy Croft on his Classic 125
Honda 4-stroke ride

Brad Jones not being flipped off in this moto by the photog

Milo Marsh / Penton

Tomlinson pan shot.  Nice Monark!

+50 Expert First Turn Action

Pat Brown leading the 50+ Experts

Tom McKinney in 50+ Expert

Dale Hansen

Dirk Murphy in
Sportsman Open Twin

Kyle Hakola framed by classy flags

M22 Mark Alcorn (No, it's Darrell Spilsbury riding Mark's bike in +50 Expert)

Jim Stewart down from Anchorage Alaska riding his high school buddy Ed Sims' 1974 CZ 400

Ted Volken leads Robert
Finnigan & the real M22 Mark Alcorn

N29 & Mark Stepovich

Joe Thomas, 49? and Steve Gard

A. J. Tainter in
Sportsman 125  Novice

Nicky Trevino in the 100cc Intermediate class on his Hodaka

George "Cycle Gear" Gerstenberg, OSSA Phantom, in his classic silver metal flake Snell 2005 helmet

Derek Murphy, (Buck's kid),
& Steve Brinkma.  Derek also rode the Jim Nation Yamaha

This guy with the giant N29 on his bike might Daniel Baker but he doesn't seem to have the N on his number in the point standings?

Stephen Newall down from Bend Oregon on his GP Victor with Jeff Robertson in pursuit

The battle of the Wenzels, Brian leads Allen in the 2nd Premier 500 moto

Brad Jones Helmet Cam Link

Assured Photos Hollister MX Pictures