Jawa typ 553 (1961 250 ISDT)
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Jawa 250 ISDT

Jawa 250 ISDT (1952)

This photo shows an example of a 1952 Jawa ISDT 250. These bikes were modified from the standard Jawa 250 road bike (Model 11). Thank you to Mick Walker for permission to scan the above photo from his book "International Six-Day Trial, The Olympics of Motorcycling".

Jawa typ 554 (1959 350 ISDT)

This model is typical of Jawa ISDT motorcycles produced in the 1956-59 time period. These bikes were based on the standard road models with increased ground clearance, reinforced frames, and higher output engines. This bike is owned by Viekko Koski of Kerava, Finland.

Jawa typ 554

Jawa typ 554/03

Jawa typ 554/03 (1961 350 ISDT)

This shows further development from earlier typ 554 Jawa, 21" front wheel, smaller seat, and nacelle type headlight. A real lightweight at 330 lbs. This typ Jawa was produced through 1965. The 350cc twin two-stroke produced about 19hp at 5250 rpm.

Jawa typ 575/02 (1963 350 ISDT)

Introduced in 1963, the Jawa typ 575/02 used the new 350 single engine. It was based on the new moto-cross Jawa the 579/01 & 575/01 (250cc & 350cc). These bikes were substantially improved over the earlier 350 ISDT model (typ 544), but were never produced in great numbers, probably because Jawa started building the banana frame ISDT bikes in 1964. Owner of this Jawa 350 ISDT is Kurt Hansson of Sweden.

Jawa typ 575/02

Jawa typ 652

Jawa typ 652 (1964 250 ISDT)

Shown is the prototype for the banana frame Jawa ISDT, it was developed from the 250 banana frame MX model introduced in 1963. This bike was ridden by Czech Zdenek Cespiva in the 1964 ISDT.

Jawa typ 653 (1966 350 ISDT)

Owner Simo Nikkander, Mantsala, Finland. The 1966 version of the banana frame ISDT.

Typ 653

Jawa typ 654

Jawa typ 654 (1969 402 ISDT)

In 1969 the banana frame ISDT was on its way out. The Czech ISDT team members were already using the new dual down tube style frame. The banana frame remained in limited production into 1970.

Jawa typ 654 (1971 500 ISDT)

Czech team member Zdenek Cespiva at the 1971 ISDT at the Isle of Man. In 1971 the Czech team bikes differed from the semi production model, featuring radial fin heads, Bing carburetors, high front fenders, and Koni dampers.

Jawa typ 654

Jawa typ 654

Jawa typ 654 (1974 360 ISDT)

Owner Rob Shand & family, Otago, New Zealand. This 360 ISDT was ridden to a gold medal by British trophy team rider David Jeremiah in the 1974 ISDT.

Jawa typ 654 (1978 360 ISDT)

This picture shows the 1978 "limited production" version of the ISDT Jawa. More of these bikes were ridden in the 1978 ISDT than any other make, despite the lack of long suspension travel which most other brands (and the Czech team bikes) featured at this time.

Jawa typ 654

Jawa typ 658

Jawa typ 658 (1978 511 ISDT)

The prototype for the new ISDT developed in early 1978. These frames show a definite Husqvarna influence and this style was used through 1984. In 1978 Jawa also built a 511cc monster engine for use by the Czech tropy team in the ISDT 750cc class.

Note: International Six Day Trials renamed to International Six Day Enduro in 1981.

Jawa typ 659 (1983 80 ISDE)

For the new 80cc class introduced to the ISDE in 1983, the Jawa ISDE 80 featured a liquid cooled rotary valve engine, bore & stroke 48 x 44mm, 6 speed gearbox, 18 hp @ 12,000 rpm, and weighed in at 217 lb.

Jawa typ 659

Jawa typ 652

Jawa typ 652 (1985 250 ISDE)

For 1985 the Czech team bikes featured totally new frames with what looks like a single shock rear suspension. In fact these bikes still used two rear dampers connected to a linkage system.

Jawa typ 683 (1987 250 ISDE)

A 1987 Trophy team rider’s 250 ISDE. These bikes featured water cooling, reed valve intake, power valve exhaust port, single shock linkage rear suspension, and a disc brake up front.

Jawa typ 683

Jawa typ 682

Jawa typ 682 (1989 360 ISDE)

Unlike the Czech team bikes the "limited production" models still had air cooling, drum brakes, and the same basic engine cases as the 1965 banana frame bike.

Jawa typ 684-1-89 (1989 350 ISDE)

The 1989 Jawa trophy team bikes featured WP upside-down forks and disc brakes front & rear. 1989 was the last year and the Czech team rode Jawas for the last time in Germany*, it was the end of an era. The typ 684 shown was 338cc and in 1989 it was used in the 500ccm Two Stroke ISDE class. To read more about this last Jawa ISDE bike click here.

* A correction from the previously stated 1990. Thank you to Bohumil Poslední, (works Jawa ISDE rider1984-1989), for this information and picture, (also thanks Jirí Žižka).

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