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Matthew James' CZ typ 477

Attached are pictures of my 1974 CZ Model 477. When I originally found it, the bike was going to be crushed as scrap metal at a wrecking yard. As a side project to stay sane while I was in grad school, I restored the bike from the bottom up. That was 2007-2008. The bike was surprisingly complete when I started - just a missing right side cover - and had 746 miles on the odometer.

During the restoration, I made some minor changes to the appearance of the machine. I swapped out some parts from other machines, and did some minor custom fabrication work. The rims are alloy as opposed to chrome, and come off of a 1975 MZ TS 250/1 (I own one of those as well). Same goes for the low cut MZ handlebars. The bar end turn signals are BMW, and the tail light bracket was hand fabricated to support a smaller round lamp. I put boots on the front forks, as well. The paint scheme is original (including a color match) except for the pattern on the tank, which is slightly different from original.

Finally, the solo seat is of course not original, though it gives the bike an interesting look. It was a challenge to fabricate, as air intake passages needed to be incorporated into the seat.

All of the parts removed were restored too, except for the rims, and are safely in storage to protect them. I put the full seat on during the rare occasion I ride 2 up. No permanent modifications were made to the bike, and it still uses the old 6 volt system with breaker points.

She's a blast to cruise around on when you have a mild summer afternoon and plenty of back roads to ply.

Thanks for the pictures and rebuild story Matthew!

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Juha Siikarla's Jawa Special

Hello:   I have made this Jawa sport model. Frame is Jawa typ 353 with Gilera Giubileo 175 rear frame and rear suspension (rear swing fork is Jawa original). Engine is Jawa Six Days 553-04 with high compression head (Jawa typ 557 /11.5 : 1). Fuel tank and side boxes and front mudguard are from old Gilera Giubileo. The front lamp is Honda CB 350 unit. Electric system is Vape without battery (12 Volt). Front fork is Jawa 353 item, shortened about 55mm. I built the bike in about three years, last summer was first driving year. I've admired Italian bikes so I thought to make a bike by my mind.  Greetings from Finland!

Juha Siikarla, Pertteli

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Jirí Žižka's Jawa typ 635 Sport

I’m sending you photos of a Jawa 350cc prototype from 1963, the typ 635 Sport. It featured a 2-stroke single cylinder 340cc, (75mm Bore x 75mm Stroke), and a 4-speed engine that produced 21hp at 5500 rpm. The bike also featured 16” wheels, weighed 135 kg, (297 lbs), and had a top speed of 115-120 kph

This is a beautiful prototype, I wonder why it never went into production?

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Erwin Derksen's Monark typ 692

But just to inform you I bought a Monark type 962, built in 1963, that's the one with the Jawa S554 engine. The Swedish army bought 1000 of those S554 engines and asked Monark to build a frame for it.

Erwin: Thanks, nice machine. This is not exactly a road bike but it's not exactly not a road bike either.

Taeke Pijpker's Jawas

I send you pictures from the Jawa`s I have, Californian, jawa 353 and a Jawetta . I have a lot of work to make them as new. Greetings. Taeke Pijpker, Stiens, Holland.

Thanks for the pictures Taeke! I think everyone will agree that your bikes look very "new". It does not look like you have much work to do to me.

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April 2018: Update From Taeke Pijpker

The collection has been extended. First of all, a rare Jawa 361 Callifornian Type 2 from 1968 and a Jawa 559 automatic with Czech plating from 1963. In the meantime made a purchase again. Have bought a Jawa Californian 361-5. Engine is from the year 1968. There was also a trailer from the Czech brand PAV.


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Richard Raizada's 1975 CZ typ 471

Reese: Nice site. Attached are a couple of pictures of my 1975 250 twin. Regards. Richard Raizada

Thanks Richard. You did not give much info with your pics but you no doubt enjoy riding this cafe modified CZ twin around the beautiful UK country side.

Brendan Botha's Jawa typ 353

I am sending you this email from South Africa icw a 1963 JAWA 250 cc. (Will send some pic's & tell me what you think.) I have had the old girl for a few years but just dont have the time to restore her....and my wife hates the bike!!!! Have a look and let me know what you think! Regards, Brendan Botha, Pretoria, South Africa.

Brendan, thanks for the pictures. At least your dogs love the bike! Update 7/25/2009, Brendan has changed the color of his bike, at right the latest look. Thanks again Brendan.

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Rob Leek's Italajet 350cc

Here's Rob's very original 350 Italajet. This shot gives one a good idea of the original paint sceam of these bikes. Here's what Rob wrote about his bikes.

"I own an Italjet 350 twin which uses a Jawa 350 engine. Ik have one complete, and another in parts. They are from 1968. It looks as if this model is only intended for Holland, because there were always lots of Jawas sold here what would be handy when servicing an Italjet-Jawa. By the way, when writing this, is remember my first motorcycle, a CZ 125 or 175. How the hell dit you have to start these things?! How could I know that one lever had two or more funcions? Have fun, Rob Leek"

(I have received word that Rob passed away in early 2012, Godspeed Rob)

Here's a link to a Italjet flyer from Erwin Derksen

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From Ian Bridge

Saw some nice competition Jawa's when I attended the Dutch Rally last weekend and enclose a few pictures.

Who knows the year, size, and model of the Ogar?
The Jawa Bison is probably from 1969 or 1970, right?

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Wanted: Portraits of Czech road bikes for this section, all years and all types.